5 Rules for a trendy stack of Jewellery

by White Haathi on Mar 25, 2022

5 Rules for a trendy stack of Jewellery

Dainty or bold, vintage or modern - we can’t do without a stack of jewels. From stacking necklaces to rings, from bracelets to hair accessories, it is something that can be done with everything. So let’s dive into how it’s done? 

Stick to one focal point that highlights the accent pieces.

Let a colourful stone necklace take centre stage within several plain chains. That’s how you make one statement piece standout. It's a more subtle take on the statement necklace. For rings try having one finger heavily stacked (powerstack) against a bare finger. This negative space creates an interesting balance and keeps things from feeling too symmetrical and styled. While layering bracelets, let the timepiece add function and serve as a great foundation for your arm stack. 

Don't be afraid to mix metals and textures

Gone are the days where we only wore one metal at a time. Stack rings of different metals, attach pendants which contrast with the colour of the necklace and wear bracelets of different metals, most importantly make it feel like you. Be it a single rose gold ring playing off the shimmer set in yellow gold or even create an ombré stack, starting with silver followed by rose gold, and topped with yellow gold.  Get creative!

Pair the new with the old

We love seeing dainty rings against an old heirloom or cocktail ring. That blend of new and subtle with a vintage statement piece creates an interesting contrast. Go attack your grandmother’s closets and you’ll be ready to strut in style.

The best stack is a significant one. 

Create a commemorative stack on your ring finger, by adding in a special ring for anniversaries, babies, and other big moments. Personalise, personalise, personalise. Whether it’s pictures in lockets, charms with initials, whatever matters to you. Imbue your style with a secret significance and a whole lot of love. 

Lastly, don’t over do it. 

When you are first starting out in bracelet layering, it's better to keep it minimal. 

If you're going to layer bracelets, maybe you don't need to layer rings as well. We agree that layering can be fun but going overboard isn’t the answer. So, know when to stop. 

Those are all the secrets from our “stacking trinkets the right way”. Which of these are you going to incorporate in your style?