Five fine jewellery trends you must know of.

by White Haathi on Mar 25, 2022

Five fine jewellery trends you must know of.

The need for our jewellery to spark joy is stronger than ever. While the trends cycle turns more slowly in jewellery than in fashion, there is no denying the shift towards our desire for electric colours and playfulness after the pandemic. 

From bright colored gems to zodiac-inspired sparklers, there are a whole lot of exciting jewelry trends you’re sure to love. Read on for the top 5 trends you must add to your 2022 closet.

  1. Pearls

It’s official! Luminous, elegant pearls are back to claim their spot on the popularity charts. Looking to add more timeless classics to your bauble box? Freshwater Pearls are the answer. They ooze pristine white oomph and let everyone know that you have a taste for the finer things in life.

  1. Bright Gemstone Jewelry

The best part about bright gemstone jewelry? It instantly uplifts your mood and adds a pop of color to any outfit. If you’re new to the world of fine jewelry and want to start investing in the well-known classics, then ruby, emerald and blue sapphire are your go-to. However, if you’re open to experimenting with more exotic gemstones, then you’ll love pieces embellished with turquoise, rose quartz, and Swiss blue topaz.

  1. Signet Rings

If there’s a jewelry trend that’s both heirloom-worthy and trendy, it has got to be the signet ring. For many, signet rings may seem like the newest kid on the block, but they actually date back to 3500 BC. During that time, they were reserved only for the aristocrats; but not anymore! Go on, get your own signet ring and strut around like a queen. 

  1. Zodiac Pieces

If you’re an active Instagrammer you already know that zodiac-inspired jewels are huge right now. These pieces are beautiful, personalized and make for amazing conversation starters. Whether you’re a dedicated Taurean, an independent Aquarian or a sentimental Cancerian or a creative Leo, it’s time to get your hands on a piece of jewelry that’s just YOU!

  1. Mixing Things Up

Yes! Because there's no single rulebook to fashion and we're all here to have fun with it. Whether you're team gold or silver? Minimalism or maximalism? Symmetry or asymmetry? The good news is you can be anything you like in 2022. The rule is, there are no rules. Whether it's metals, prints, colors, styles, chunky with dainty designs. It's all about having fun since we've spent the last two years in loungewear. Our love of a playful jewel shows no sign of abating.

And, there you have it, all the hot and happening jewelry trends for 2022! Which one of these will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments below.