6 reasons you and your loved ones should wear an “Evil Eye” jewellery piece 🤯 Dont miss the 4th Reason!

by White Haathi on Nov 06, 2021

6 reasons you and your loved ones should wear an “Evil Eye” jewellery piece 🤯 Dont miss the 4th Reason!

Evil eye amulets are very powerful and date back to ancient times. Often found in Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. There are several folk stories explaining the involuntary, yet powerful ability of the evil eye. Stories often revolve around an individual that was physically afflicted by the artifact or vice versa.

The evil eye is worse than a bad friend, a bad neighbor, or an evil heart. Judaism believes that a "good eye" designates an attitude of goodwill and kindness towards others. Someone who has this attitude in life will rejoice when his fellow man prospers; he will wish well for everyone. 

Evil eye, a widespread belief that some persons may produce malevolent effects on others by looking at them, based on the supposed power of some eyes to bewitch or harm by a glance. The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware.

Now, you obviously don't want that to happen to you or your loved ones do you?

Obviously you don’t, hence wearing an “evil eye” piece of jewellery becomes important! Furthermore here are 6 other Mind Blowing benefits of wearing an “evil eye” jewellery:

    • Invites good luck - Evoking tranquility and serenity, the evil eye amulet, charm, or talisman is said to shower the user with happiness, good health, luck, prosperity, and bring peace. Driving off negative energies created by hatred, jealousy, and envy from your friends, neighbors, relatives, or any other person in your life.

        • It possesses good vibes - It’s said to radiate positive energy and possess good karma.

            • It wards off danger - Whether it’s your car breaking down or spinning out of control or the house becoming harmed by insects, flooding, wood rotting etc the evil eye keeps a protective glance over things to maintain peace and prosperity.

                • It strengthens good health - If the true ‘evil eye’ was to cast it’s misfortune over you, it is said to result in every ailment from insomnia, fatigue, depression and diarrhea. By carrying an evil eye charm it’s said to keep you healthy and happy.

                    • It protects you - keeping an evil eye charm or talisman close will protect from evil spirits and harmful forces, especially the ‘malevolent glare’ said to inflict the unaware or unsuspecting.

                        • Gift someone an evil eye charm - While it’s often given as a gift at the birth of a baby, whether you have a friend set to travel, get married or celebrate an important milestone, why not gift them one in the form of an evil eye jewellery? Good karma never hurts anyone!

                          Now, I know what you’re thinking, where do you find a good piece of “Evil Eye” Jewellery which apart from protecting me is also incredible looking and would be an absolute pleasure to wear?

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                          Not only does it ward off all the negative energy, but also reap the benefits of wearing 92.5 % Sterling Silver which has been known to increase the beauty of a person, makes you calmer but also helps in improving your health, plus it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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